Tummy tuck in 1990. Should I get another one?

I had large gallbladder scar. Doctor pulled the scar down about 6 inches down from ribs. That left bulge. Thinking about having tt again by another reputable plastic surgeon. I'm 61 now and afraid lipo will leave saggy skin. I only weigh 125. Any other options?

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Prior Gallbladder Scar

The old scar can make things more difficult so I began tracking all my patients with those scars the past 10 years.  I found that the older the scars had less healing issues. Aside from re-tightening the skin with a tummy tuck revision, there aren't other good options to get what you want.

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Tummy tuck in 1990. Should I get another one?

Having a revision tummy tuck is not terribly unusual. You would probably require less (if any) muscle repair. Having a gallbladder scar like yours make the process a bit more tricky, so you want to make sure you use someone who has experience with these types of cases, as modifications to the technique are necessary.

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Revision tummy tuck surgery

Age is not a contraindication to tummy tuck or any body contouring surgery.  Nevertheless, we cannot ignore that advancing age leads to more medical issues, thus we require medical clearance from your specialist or primary care physician prior to surgery.

Only a personal consultation/examination will determine if you can benefit from another tummy tuck.  The rule of thumb is to visit a board-certified plastic surgeon (ABPS certified) who performs tummy tuck on a regular basis. 

For photo reference, please feel free to visit the attached link. 

Good luck and best wishes.

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