I'm 27 years old and I'm suffering from hair loss. Which products are best to use to help me regain my hair? (Photo)

What is your best advise and which products are best to use to help me regain my hair.

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I'm 27 years old and I'm suffering from hair loss. Which products are best to use to help me regain my hair?

Thank you for your questions.

Thank you for your question. Loss of hair is a natural process when it is between the limits that the body can restore them. When the capacity of the body to restore the hair loss is beaten by the excessive hair loss then we can name this situation something that should be treated, To obtain alive hair follicles implanted in higher rates, the latest technique being used is not the only manner, it is also affected by compliance of implantation area that we found a better way to improve as a result of our researches, The Organic Hair Transplantation. By this new and unique Organic Hair Transplantation Technique, before the extraction and implantation processes; we regenerate the implantation area with injection of stem cell enriched fat tissue. Regeneration of cells in target area before FUE transplantation with the support of stromal stem cells results in higher rate of alive thicker hair follicles

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Hair loss -- PRP, Progesterone, Viviscal, Rogaine, Finesteride, Spironolactone, follicular unit (FUE) hair transplantation/ARTAS

I suggest a formal consultation with an expert for treatment options , as there are surgical and non surgical approaches.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Suffering from hair loss

Minoxidil, finasteride, laser therapy and/or  PRP will not work for you .. You can not get your hair back with those life long,   therapies with side efefcts, except hair transplantation... I advise you to have a FUE operation of course..When I look to your donor site ,I mean the area where I will get your grafts, that is very poor and have a limited area that surgeon is not able to get enough number of follicles to cover all bare area and restore preexisting hair. So he/she may plan to perform at least 2 session of operation for you : İn first one doc will restore a frontal hairline that is propotional to your face and hair  transplantation up to projection of ears  ; in second operation that will be planned at least 6 months after first one, doc would restore rest of area...

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Hair products for hair loss

there are two medications that are FDA approved for hair loss. However they help at the early stages of hair loss. At this age your degree of hair loss is advanced and you would not benefit much from using the products.

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27 year old male with hair loss

Your hair loss pattern is very extensive, so I doubt that any medications will grow back your hair. The best cosmetic treatment for this is Scalp Micropigmentation which will make you look like you have a fuyll shaved head of hair if you keep it short

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When male hair loss is severe, transplantation is the solution.

Mr. Oa, I can see from your photos that the hair loss is significant.  Medical (non-surgical) therapies such as minoxidil 82m, finasteride, laser therapy and PRP can be used to protect and enhance the function of the existing hair follicles.  However, where there is severe depletion of hair follicle density--i.e., where the hair is "dead and gone" in the balding crown and receding hairline--transplantation is the only permanent solution. With short hair, FUE-style transplants with NeoGraft or ARTAS-robot help avoid the telltale linear scar from old-style procedures. A careful, artistic approach is required to create a natural hairline shape and to adequately use the available donor hair judiciously to achieve the final result. Seek out consultations with experienced full-time hair surgeons, who achieved Fellows status of the ISHRS and are ABHRS-certified, IAHRS-accepted and AHLA-recommended surgeons using video-conferencing tools like skype and facetime. Be prepared to get several opinions and travel if need be. Sincerely, Dr. Alan Bauman, M.D., FISHRS, ABHRS

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