Will my nose change shape? (Photo)

I'm fourteen right now, and I really hate my nose. When I smile, the cartilage spreads and it looks bad, but in general I hate it. Will it change as I grow? Or will it be like this forever? Is there anything I can do (like nose exercises?) to help?

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Age for Rhinoplasty

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In correcting the shape of the nose age of the patient is a factor that must be considered. There are two parts of the aging one must consider: one is chronologic age and the other is the physical age. Normally one would not want to have a rhinoplasty until their physical facial features have completely developed. In females it is usually around 16 or 17 and in males it's usually 17 to 18. So my recommendation would be to wait a little longer. Your facial features may change and then that would be the time to see if your concern has persisted or did they blend in with the rest of your face.

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