12 months post-primary rhinoplasty, nose is bent, deviated to the left with uneven nostrils. Can this be fixed? (Photo)

Primary rhinoplasty 12 months ago, prior to the surgery my nose was perfectly straight with normal nostrils. No visible deviation, nor any unevenness in the nostrils. Over projected with hanging columella but the front view was very narrow. Post op my nose is bent to the left (front view) and my nostrils are very uneven which makes my nose look very wide from the front. What will be involved in the revision process? how invasive will it have to be? How long will the recovery period be? Thank you

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Revision options

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For the type of revision problem that you are describing cartilage grafting is typically necessary. based on the size, shape, pliability, and amount of cartilage needed the possible donor sites include:

  1. Septum - from inside of nose
  2. Ear - ideally taken from the back through a hidden incision
  3. Rib - taken through an incision under the fold of the breast
Recovery time (time back to work) is typically 7-10 days

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