When will more doctors start using these Ideal implants?

 I went to 1 consultation and was not comfortable with that doctor. Its not like I can just go find another for a consultation as not ever doctor does these implants. I would have to travel I really didn't want to be far from my doctor. Any more information on when this will be available to more doctors. I even keep check on the Ideal Implant website to see if there are anymore in my area new but no luck yet. I'm willing to wait.

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IDEAL implant

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Natural feel is not the only thing women care about. The FDA approved intact silicone gel implants as safe. However, if a gel implant ruptures the implant and any gel should be removed including the surrounding capsule (capsulectomy). IDEAL® IMPLANT offers women natural feel without the risk of silent rupture. Women value the advantages of IDEAL® IMPLANT over silicone gel:
Rupture Advantages
  • No silent ruptures
  • Saline absorbed, free Silicone Gel remains
  • No MRI needed to detect ruptures
  • Look in the mirror to know implants are intact
  • Easy to remove and replaced if ruptured
Filler Advantages
  • Only saline inside for peace of mind
  • Safety of saline
  • No silicone gel in the body
Clinical Advantages
  • Youthful shape/contour
  • Lower capsule contracture rate
  • Higher rupture strength
  • Low rupture rate

When will more doctors start using these Ideal implants?

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Thank you for your question.  As the IDEAL implant becomes more popular, more and more surgeons will be included in the network.  As a smaller company, their factory produces a certain number of implants that can supply a limited volume, hence the limited network of surgeons.  This will begin to change in the near future as word gets around about this new generation saline implant.  Keep looking on the IDEAL website to check or consider traveling to a nearby town for a consultation with a surgeon within the network.  Good luck to you!

Zachary Farris, MD, FACS
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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