What can be done to fix the sag ? Breast lift / new implants. What type of inscision ? (Photo)

I am 23 years old 5'7 & 142lbs . I gave birth 7 months ago and finished breast feeding 3 months ago. When I was 17 I had 575cc high profile implants put in under the muscle. I went for a consultation a week ago with the same doctor. He said he would do a lollipop lift & the implants I have are still fine. Just wondering if I will be able to achieve a perky round look with that procedure.

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What can be done to fix the sag ? Breast lift / new implants. What type of inscision ?

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First of all, put your "wish" photo aside.  You do not have the skin or tissue characteristics for such a result.  You may have had those before you became a mother, but you don't now.

I think you would benefit from a full breast lift using either Strattice or SERI to act as an internal bra to help support those large implants which will always want to go south with gravity.  A full lift will leave scars around your areolas, a vertical scar from the areola to the bottom of the breast and a short scar in the fold under the breast.  These incisions and scars are necessary to get the best shape.  This is very complex surgery and it is important that you have realistic expectations.  Also, if you have another pregnancy, you may need another revision.

I recommend you seek out a surgeon who has tons of experience with implant revision.   Good luck and I love your Hello Kitty tattoo! 

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What can be done to fix the sag ? Breast lift / new implants. What type of inscision

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Thank you for your question.  You nave laxity of your skin from large implants and pregnancy.  A  breast lift with new implants would give a nice shape to your breasts.  You need to have realistic expectations to the final outcome after surgery.  Look at petty of before and after photos of patients with your anatomy.  Consult with a  board certified plastic surgeon. Best wishes.  

Breast lift

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You have pretty large implants. That and pregnancy have stretched out your tissues
I would recommend a breast lift.
You could also consider newer implants such as gummy bear.

Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative breast surgery.

best of luck!

Dr Schwartz

Lift and internal bra for sagging large implants

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Your implants are on the large side and holding them up an in is the challenge especially after pregnancy and the stretching that occurs. Going larger will make matters worse. A circumvertical (lollipop) lift and internal bra using Strattice, SERI, or GalaFLEX mesh will help.

Richard Baxter, MD
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Breast lift

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Your breasts need a lift. A lift requires cuts. You will have either a lollipop type scar or an anchor type scar. You have keep your old implants or chose new ones and bigger ones if you so desire.

It is not likely that you will get the desired result you posted because that person did not need a lift. But you can get something close to that.

Realistic expectations are needed

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Your goal photo most likely cannot be achieved with your tissue laxity. Large implants at 17 plus the stretching of pregnancy will prevent you from holding the high full look up. be realistic and ask your surgeon what you can more honestly expect. Not everybody can have the full look, especially if your tissues are lax.

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