How bad will the swelling be after extractions/implants?

My two lateral incisors as well as my left incisor are being replaced while my two canines and right incisor are being lengthened and crowned. The extractions and implant surgery is happening on the same day, in one procedure. I am getting bone grafting done as well. How long will it take before my face looks somewhat "normal" again, as in like not scarily swollen? I am getting the surgery on Friday morning, and I am planning to go back to work the following Monday. Will this be adequate healing time?

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Swelling period after implant surgery

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The majority of swelling usually occurs the third day after surgery.  To keep the swelling to a minimum, you can use cold packs on your face, 15 minutes on then 15 minutes off, for a couple of cycles.  You should take it easy the day of your surgery and probably the next day as well.  After the bleeding stops, you can eat soft foods.  If you've been given antibiotics, take them as prescribed and make sure you finish the course.  Sleeping in a recliner or with a couple pillows to elevate your head can help keep the swelling down as well.  It's difficult to predict the amount of swelling any individual will experience, or if you will still be taking pain medication on Monday.

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