I'm 6weeks Po & Noticed That my BB Has Watery Liquid Fluid Coming out of It., Is This Normal? (photo)

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Drainage from the navel for several weeks after abdominoplasty not uncommon.

What you are experiencing is not terribly uncommon. Nevertheless this is something that should be examined by your plastic surgeon.

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I'm 6weeks Po & Noticed That my BB Has Watery Liquid Fluid Coming out of It., Is This Normal? (

I see nothing worrisome in the photo. I can't tell much from the question, since not comment on the time course and if this continues is made. 

Likely a small fluid collection drained spontaneously through the easiest pathway and has resolved. Check with your own surgeon. 

All the best. 

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Fluid Coming Out Of Belly Button 6 Weeks Post Op

The fluid coming out of your belly button at 6 weeks post tummy tuck is known as serous fluid.  This is injury fluid released by your body secondary to the tummy tuck.  Some serous fluid between your skin and the muscle at 6 weeks is very very normal.  Usually, it's just a small pocket of fluid.

If you were my patient, I would put a small piece of Iodoform gauze through a hole I created where the seepage is coming from.  This would wick out the fluid, and the small hole at the junction of the abdominal skin and belly button will heal in without a scar. 

By the looks of your belly button, you picked an excellent plastic surgeon to do your surgery.  Therefore, I would alert either him or her to this serous fluid leak and follow the directions you are given (don't worry, this is not an unusual problem). 

Not normal, but does not seem to be a major complication

Hi MSASH.  I am sorry you are having trouble.  From your pictures, I do not see a significant complication.  I suggest you see your plastic surgeon who can examine you and give you advice on what to do. 

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