Pores Much Larger After Aggresive Ablative Laser Resurfacing, Can I Reverse?

I had three laser resurfacing treatments, one was very aggressive. My pores became much larger after treatments. I did not realize that the resurfacing caused the enlargement after the first and I had two more hoping to smooth out my skin. It just got worse. I also have developed some ridging around pores. This whole situation has turned out very badly. Is there a way to reverse this with any topicals, such as retin a, etc?

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Laser resurfacing and pore reduction

pore reduction is not guaranteed to occur after laser resurfacing. Having done all different resurfacing techniques I have seen some patients pores improve, others unchange and some whose pores are more obvious. I haven't noticed ridges though. Pores can become blackheads, and if there are many blackheads then cleaning out the pores makes them look less visible. If however, the pores are somewhat filled with the dead skin cells that have not yet sloughed away, the pores may be "hidden" until a chemical peel or laser resurfacing, or Retin-A (or similar acne creams) clean away the sebum (oil) and dead skin cells making the pores more readily seen. You may notice a slow improvement over many weeks from your last treatment. Don't rush in and do anything that may compound your problem.

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