Disadvantages To Porcelain Crown at the Same Visit?

Are there any disadvantages in that type of a crown?

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Porcelain Crowns in the Same Visit

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Porcelain Crowns in the same visit (Cerac is the major brand name) are very good and getting better, but there are lots of other types of crowns that are better in different circumstances.  Your dentist can help you here.  Cerac crowns are great when time is limited or when a more conservative partial crown can be done.  The technology is constantly improving and will become better and more universal in the future.  Keep your eye on this one.

How do crowns milled in office same day compare to lab made ones

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There is not " one size fit all " in dentistry . Everything has its use , advantages and disadvantages . If you have deep decay, possiblity for need of root canal, gum issues,  bite issues, and aesthetic issues, ( meaning the crown in t o be placed in front of your mouth , rather than a back tooth,  CEREC  crowns, or in office machine  milled crowns are not the best choice

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Same day dental crowns

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Cerec crowns which are performed at the same visit as the research shows have the same strength and marginal integrity. However, aesthetically Cerec crowns will never look as lab fabricated crowns due to additional glaze, variety of shades, etc. Even with advanced advertising same day crowns the specialists always tend towards lab fabricated all-ceramic crowns due to strength, better marginal adaptation, possible variability with shades, contour, shape. The human artistic touch will always will make the crown look natural. 

One visit Crown

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All dental treatments have advantages and disadvantages.  The part that makes a Dentist a professional is our ability to take into account the many unique factors in your mouth.  Specifically the disadvantages to one visit porcelain crowns are: 

  1. Is this the best material for this tooth, in this location and your treatment goals?
  2. Are you bleeding excessively, in which case, cementing a crown on the same day may not be possible.
  3. If your tooth may need a root canal, but the Dentist is not sure (in cases where you had a deep cavity or previous crown), placing a temporary crown might be a better option in order to evaluate the tooth, prior to cementation.
  4. These types of crowns have been used for 25 years, which in Dentistry is not particularly long.

I use the Cerec in office system in my office, and it's a great tool to have.  But like everything in life, just because you have this fabulous new technology, it must be tailored to your mouth and your treatment goals.

Madeleinne Zapantis, DMD
Long Island Dentist

The Pros and Cons of Same Day Cerec Crowns

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Same Day Cerec Crowns are definately on the rise.  There are many reasons to do crowns and having access to all types of crowns is a great benefit.  Cerec crowns can be great but it depends on the operator, the dentist and your needs..  I would discuss your options and see if your dentist can help guide you.  If a dentist does not  do same day crowns, it doesn't mean they are not updated-The technology is still developing and the investment is extreme for many.

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

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