Unhappy With Porcelain Veneers 7 Months Post Op- Want Them Longer To Show When I Smile.

in march this yr i had got my top 6 teeth veneered. i do like them however my goal was to make them longer so when i smile you could seee the row of teeth. i wanted that artificial "joan collins" look. and although i have the whitest ones and they are alot longer. i want to know if there is a limit to how long you coud have it or how much longer could i have it?. ive also had a lip lift from a plastic surgeon but dare i say i think i almost want that "teethy" look. atm it doesnt look dramatic

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Can My Veneers Be Longer?

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You have to be very careful when having veneers that they are not longer than your bite can handle.  If they are made to be too long you run the risk of breaking or fracturing them.  I would say that if they look great as they are I would not go through having them remade for a little extra length.  Big risk for little reward in my opinion. Good luck.

Wants Longer Veneers

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The best time to work out the length of veneers is in the temporary stage.  At that point you can try various lengths and see what you like best.  Obviously, at this point that is not an option.  No way to tell if they could be longer without seeing your bite.  When only doing 6, the longer they are the more descrepancy there will be with the remainder of your teeth in a broad smile.

Longer Teeth Probably Do Require Opening the Bite

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If your front teeth are not as long as you want them and you want them "significantly" longer, you will probably have to have your bite opened up.  As has been mentioned, lengthening just the front 6 teeth can cause problems with the way your top teeth relate to the lower ones during chewing, speaking, functioning, etc. 

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Why can I not have my porcelain veneers longer?

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Your teeth can brake and chip if they are longer than your bite can handle . Almost always 6 veneers will not be sufficient enough to change your look. You need to go to a reconstructive dentist, not just cosmetic dentist. One who can open your bite if needed to give you the look you are looking for. Ask them to make a mock up study cast of before and anticipated after. This way there will not be any surprises, and you will evaluate your bite structure.

look in to the link below, it may help you visualize what you might be looking for..


Good luck.

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

There IS a limit to how long veneers can be

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Veneers that are too long are prone to fracture, so managing your bite forces is key.  Normally, only doing 6 veneers leads to this type of frustration, as doing 8-10 veneers gives much more flexibility to both length and color options.  I would suggest having an experienced cosmetic dentist do a composite mock up to determine if what you desire is what can be offered.

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