Tooth Decay from Veneers?

I had Porcelain Veneers 2 years ago. I have 2 dark spots that can be seen at the gum line through the veneers, and my gums were bleeding on the teeth with the veneers. During a cleaning, I was concerned because right after the filling of the decayed tooth (like within 2 days), my gums became red and swelled, and yellow sticky, stinky pus-like stuff was coming from the other two teeth he didn't fill. He said, not to worry it was plaque build up to be sure and brush and floss.

Did my dentist put them the wrong way? Is this why I'm having tooth decay from inside out? Can my teeth be saved? Should I seek second opinion about the yellow pus-like stuff, swelling, and redness? I don't know which way to go with this.

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Time for a second opinion

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The most common cause of the discoloration as you describe under new veneers is moisture contamination during placement of the veneers, which is why home care while wearing the temporaries is so important.

But there may be other things going on, and since there are not any photos to see and no clinical examination here, it is hard to tell for sure what is really happening. Odds are the dentist did everything right.

Tooth decay from veneers?

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It sounds like there could be more than one issue here. Dark spots under a porcelain veneer could be caused by more than one thing. Could be that your gums were irritated and bleeding when they were inserted, there was a void in the resin that was used to cement the veneers, or some other cause.

It really is hard to tell based on this information. However, if you truly have a "pus-like" material that continues for more than several days, then I would have this checked out right away. I would also want to know the cause of the decay under the veneer. Was it incorrect home care, insufficient professional care, leakage underneath the veneer, poor dental lab work?

Your dentist may have done everything just right, but it sounds like a 2nd opinion might be the right way to go.

Richard Champagne, DMD
Freehold Dentist

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