Porcelain veneers - 6 mos. post-op & still temperature sensitive?

I had 9 upper Emax veneers done 6 mos. ago, they look and feel fantastic, however, the cold-to-hot and vice versa temperature sensitivity is still noticeably bothersome. Will this eventually subside or is there something wrong? I have no other sensitivity issues.

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Temperature sensitivity

It may be a bonding or bite issue go back to the dr that placed them and see what he thinks 

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Probably root canals

hello, sensitivity after placing veneers can last up to a couple of months but 6 months is a lot, probably root canals will be needed, consult and endodontist, because remember than when we work on veneers we get close to the nerve and sometimes root canals will be needed. Thank you.

Sensitive teeth after veneers?

If still sensitive after 6 months you may need to consider root canals if only temperature sensitive you may want to consider the products prevident 5000, neutraguard these are prescriptions for Fluoride to desensitize good luck


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