Porcelain Veneers Consultation Cost in Chicagoland?

How much does it cost for a consultation for porcelain veneers in the Chicago land area?

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Porcelain veneers consultation

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Dr Gracias was a classmate of mine at Northwestern University Dental school and she has a great office in Chicago Ill. If you call her office and tell them that Dr Michael Thomas from Beverly Hills Ca. referred you then I'm sure they will give you a free consult about any cosmetic procedures that you need. She is a great person!

Los Angeles Dentist

Consultation cost for Veneers in Chicago

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Consultation visits will run anywhere between free and $150. This fee is usually applied to your future treatment. It's worth it to find an experienced, ethical cosmetic dentist. I highly highly recommend Pete Tomaselli.

Consultation fees for porcelain veneers vary from each office

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Many offices will offer a free consultation, but that may only be a "sit down" and not a full examination or diagnostic records (xrays or models). Some charge a nominal fee, from $80 to $150. There is no hard and set rule or fee. I suggest making a list of offices that you feel are capable (experience and training are key), and call each office and ask. I would suggest meeting at least 3 offices to find one that you are comfortable with.

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