Please Recommend 3 ways to get Natural Looking Breasts After a Partial Mastectomy?

What are the options to restore the breast's natural appearance after a partial mastectomy. What are the most common procedures?

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Natural Breast Reconstruction After Partial Mastectomy

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Options for restoration after partial mastectomy depend on the presence or absence of radiation. Simple techniques include reshaping the internal breast shape via tissue rearrangement, adding volume by fat grafting, or adding an implant. In more complicated circumstances, additional tissue may be brought in as a flap, or completion mastectomy and reconstruction may be advisable.

Breast Reconstruction

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“Natural” is a very elusive term for which there are many definitions.  There are many different implant options, gel or saline, and the option of a lift if needed.  Talk with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who does reconstruction work and explore your options.

Reconstruction options after partial mastectomy

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There are several options to consider but one overriding issue of importance is whether or not radiation treatment was given, as is common after partial mastectomy for cancer. It is perhaps ironic that often a better result can be obtained by doing a total skin-sparing mastectomy and reconstruction with an implant, but that is not usually a good option after radiation. If the amount of tissue removed was small, then fat transfers could be worth considering. And depending on your preferences, reshaping the breast and reducing the opposite one to match might be a good choice. Beyond that the procedures become much more involved with longer recovery times and other factors.

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Partial Mastectomy Reconstruction Can Be Difficult

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There  are a few different techniques that can be utilized to acheive a satisfactory outcome after a partial mastectomy.  Sometimes this entails shaping the breast tissue that is remaining into a natural but smaller looking breast, and then altering the other side to match.  Other times it involves using an implant to replace the lost tissue and balance the breasts out.  There are other times when you actually bring a patient's own tissue is from the back or abdomen to replace what was lost as well.  All techniques work well, but it just depends on the final outcome that a patient is trying to achieve.  I hope this helps.

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