Would i be a good candidate for breast a reduction and/or a gastroschisis scar revision?

In 1988 i was born with gastroschisis, 9 surgries later i was sent home. I am wondering if a scar revision would help me? As i got older i had to begin wearing a bra at the age of 7, everytime i have gotten pregnant my breasts have grown another 2-3 cup sizes. They have never gone down in size, currently they are a 40r, would a breast reduction be recommended?

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Candidate for breast reduction

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Thank you for your question and you have a significant problem and can have a breast reduction but you will need to understand what can and can't be done.  This is a procedure to reduce and lift and help alleviate your pain in the shoulders and neck.  Getting a good cosmetic result is a bonus and may be difficult to achieve.  So your goals on what you want need to be discussed with your surgeon.  The different techniques will need to be discussed with you so you can get the best result for you type of body.

Breast Reduction

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Your photos definitely indicates Breast Hypertrophy but I'm worried about your weight. Patients with a BMI over 35 are at significant risk for surgery and if that is the case you would need to lose weight before considering what is an elective surgery. 

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