I Had a Winged Chin Implant 2 Weeks Ago, Tingling and Sharp Pain With Certain Movements?

I felt the tingle sensation on my lower lip and now its just a portion of the right side of my lip but my biggest concern is a sharp pain I experience if I make certain movements with my mouth, the pain is exactly below the end of y mouth. Ive read its the nerve in the process of recovery and that it sometimes takes months for the nerve to heal. Is there a chance the implant is pinching the nerve? Any answers would be greatly appreciated!

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Chin implant postoperative pain

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thank you for your question Danny.  this is a great question to post because most patients and surgeons alike are more concerned about numbness of the lip versus actual pain that can occur and be chronic after the implant is placed.

it's a bit early to say if there is anything serious or permanent going on. Certainly patients have experienced discomfort from stretch of the nerve that can persist for a number of weeks after surgery. This happens more often when the patient is getting a large to extra-large size as there is simply more stretch. There's always a possibility there was some irritation of the nerve during the surgery. Pain with movement of the mouth will most likely go away but it could take time. Medications that you can take to help with that would be NSAIDS or even Neurontin. I would give it another 2 to 4 weeks before I would get particularly concerned but keep close contact with your surgeon. If you're surgeon tells you you need to give more time I don't believe they are brushing you off but simply giving you time to heal.

If you develop constant pain and that's a different matter. In situations where there is constant pain after an implant that is not alleviated with medication and it's going on for weeks to months and the patient feels like they can't tolerate the discomfort anymore the only recourse is to remove the implant. You can replace it at a later date.

However, persistent long-term pain after an implant is fairly rare and I've never experienced it in any of my patients from the time of surgery. I did however have one patient who developed some mild chronic pain on one side of her winged implant nearly one year after it was placed. In her case she did not have this pain in the beginning but developed it several months after it was placed. We elected to remove it and the pain was gone.

But enough of that, long story short. It's a little early to say and I wouldn't get concerned unless you're still having this problem one or two months into your postoperative course.

Chase Lay MD

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Mental Nerve Dysesthesia After Chin Augmentation

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It is possible that the nerve has been brushed up against during the dissection of the implant pocket or the wing of the implant may be pressing up against the nerve. If you continue to have persistent pain and numbness that has had no improvement in 4 to 6 weeks after surgery, nerve impingement must be considered.

Pain after chin implant

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It is difficult to say at 2 weeks whether the implant is causing a problem or if it is just the nerve recovery from the surgery.  You need to wait for a longer period of time to see if it calms down.  If not then the implant may need to be repositioned.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Donald Nunn, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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