I have tenderness and swelling on my left breast after above the muscle breast aug 7 days ago. Is that normal?

7 days ago I had above the muscle saline breast augmentation. They look good and I'm happy. But I have noticed the left side of the breast is swollen and tender. Is that normal? When will the swelling and tenderness start to subside?

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Swelling after breast augmentation

Some postoperative pain, even bruising, is normal. Bruising and pain should both subside as timing from surgery lapses. Redness, drainage, fever and chills need to be addressed, however.  Implants can get infected. If you have any of those latter symptoms or note no improvement, do seek consult with your surgeon.

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Swelling and tenderness

It is great to hear that you had a successful surgery and are happy with the results.

The swelling and tenderness is definitely normal this early in the recovery period. Swelling and tenderness subside together and most often they subside under 1.5 months. Different patients heal at different rates. Not just patients, but breasts also heal at different rates.

In fact, it is not uncommon for breasts to heal and adapt to implants at different rates.  So it is okay to have more swelling in your left breast.
You should expect to final results in 3-6 months. In the meantime, have regular follow-ups with your plastic surgeon and share any concerns with them first. Their instructions should take precedence over everything you read here.

Hope this helps.

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Post Op Swelling

It is normal to be sore one week post op, but usually most swelling and bruising subsides by two weeks post op. If you have any concerns I suggest that you see your Plastic Surgeon.
All the best

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Post Surgery Swelling and Tenderness

Congratulations on your surgery! The swelling and tenderness you feel is normal and keep in mind you are seven days after surgery so you are still healing. The swelling usually subsides in several weeks to a few months.

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Tenderness and swelling after breast augmentation

Tenderness and swelling after breast augmentation is entirely normal. It can take several weeks or even a month or two for all the selling and tenderness to resolve. It sounds like you are right on course.

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