Are Polyurethane Covered Breast Implants Safe to Use?

Polyurethane covered Breast Implants are back in Austalia. Are they safe to use? I intend to have a Breast Augmentation and my doctor suggested polyurethane covered implants. He stated they are back on the market and very safe to use.

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Polyurethane implants

Polyurethane implants are not available in the United States, and a long time ago I believe that they were available but were taken off the market.

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Are Polyurethane Covered Breast Implants Safe to Use

From reports of people who have used these in the past, they are some of their most favorite implants. However, the long term effects have not been extensively studied. The covering is metabolized by the body and eventially you are left with a silicone implant. These are not available in the USA.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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