Polyacrylate Gydrogel in Breast (photo)

I had breast augmentation with Interfall gel in 1995 in Russia. I moved to the USA, Florida in 2005 and everything was fine. In 2010 I noticed the first bad signs- my breast became swollen and I felt some moderate pain. For last year my breast size changed from C to DD - looks lumpy and uneven. I had my mammogram done- everything was fine. I had ultrasound and oncologist consultation- nothing really bad, just the gel with fibrosis tissue. Can I find someone in Florida who would take my case?

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Polyacrylate Hydrogel

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Intragel has been reported in the literature to cause inflammation and/or granulomas.  It needs to be surgically removed.  If this was injected directly into the breast tissue, it is very difficult to remove and will cause considerable deformity.  I would recommend you go see a plastic surgeon and it is possible to get an infection since there is bacteria in the breast glands.

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