Side Effects from Polyacrylamide Filler?

Hi! 2 months ago I made lip augmentation and I don't know why doctor chose synthetic filler Polyacrylamide, without explaining me all side effects. At the moment 2 months are passed already, but my lips still aren't symmetric, as well there are many small sensitive balls (like capsules) inside of my lips.

Honestly, I don't understand is it normal or I have some anomalous effect. As well I would love to know is it possible to remove or reduce the balls and in case if its possible, how is the procedure? I'm 28 years old. Thanx

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People React To Non-Absorbably Fillers Differently

Patients also may react to breast implants differently, and form scar capsules. For that matter anything placed in the body can cause a reaction.

The "balls" you feel are probably scar tissue that encapsulated the filler. While steroid injections may help reduce them, it is possible they could require surgical wll need to ask your doctors about this.

My choice has always been to use fillers that the body naturally breaks down over time because over the years the face changes, and so may my patient's desires ! This also avoids most problems with the material reacting in a negative way.

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