Do I Have a Pollybeak Deformity? (photo)

My surgeon l told me what needed to be done was lowering the bridge (I did not have a hump, however), and cutting the septum so the tip didn't hang. 4 months after the surgery I am so disappointed with my results. I think I've developed a pollybeak deformity (worse with smile). My fear is when he lowered the bone he didn't do anything with the cartilage to make my nose proportionate. At my two month visit he said it was too late for injections, but I don't believe its scar tissue,but cartilage.

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Dealing with pollybeak deformity

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You do appear to have supratip fullness that extends up to the mid portion of your bridge. It's hard to say what's contributing to this without examining your nose.

You're right that the problem could be that the cartilage of your bridge wasn't taken down enough to match the upper bony portion of your bridge. Scar tissue and skin edema are other possible considerations.

You can check out my web reference link below to learn more about pollybeak deformity and its treatment.

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Rhinoplasty and polly beak

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Dear mia,

  • It looks like you have a very mild polly beak
  • You still have 2 months to fully heal and the fullness may go down in that time
  • If you reduce the cartilage portion of the nose and re-inforce the tip with cartilage, it would give you the results that you are looking for

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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Pollybeak Deformity

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Yes you do have a pollybeak deformity. This will be improved by removing cartilage along your profile line. You also need to have your tip defined and rotated because it is now sagging compared to the pre-op position. If you don't have your surgeon revise your nose make sure you select somebody who specializes in revision rhinoplasty work.

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