Pollybeak deformity and other problems. Is this a sign of bad surgery? (Photos)

17 weeks post op. Open septo rhinoplasty. I appear to have a pollybeak forming. I also have a dent in my left nostril which I have had since roughly 4 weeks PO. I also have incision marks on each nostril which have scarred. My columella appears to be drooping and hanging down. My overall tip shape is just all over the place with irregularities. It's very uneven and asymmetrical. Am I likely to see any drastic improvement? Is this the sign of bad surgery? Honesty appreciated. Thank you.

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Outcome at 4 months

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It's unlikely you'll see much positive change. Is it bad surgery? Couldn't say. It's either that or a bad nose to start with, or bad healing, or all of the above. Some judicious fillers/steroids injected by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, not the local beautician, may be able to improve things a smidgen for you whilst the next 8 months go by. Best of luck.

Rhinoplasty healing

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Sorry to hear about your rhinoplasty experience.  Before photos would be helpful but the photos that you have provided do help a lot as well.  At four months after your rhinoplasty you should be seeing a significant amount of the healing underway.  It is hard to know how the nose will look at one year out but I suspect that some of the issues that you have pointed out will unlikely improve enough for you to consider them unimportant.  I would discuss with your plastic surgeon as well as with other plastic surgeons in your area what your options are.  There is a reasonable chance that you may choose to have revision rhinoplasty to address some of the issues you have pointed out.All the best,Dr. Remus Repta

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