Are These Atrophic Lesions I Am Seeing Around my Eyes After the INFINI Radiofrequency Micro Needling Treatment? (photo)

I have had one Infini micro-needling radiofrequency treatment done about 6 months ago, turned out fine so I decided to go for another one. I only did my eyes area. I am 33 yr old. After the second procedure (it has been 3 weeks) my eyes haven't healed properly (redness continues) and I started seeing lines of micro dots. More and more each day. Are these atrophic lesions? They are in the shape of the machine handpiece. Thank you for your answer.

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Infini around eyes

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The microneedles used in Infini are so small I doubt you would see long term cobbling of skin assuming the treatment are done evenly and with appropriate overlapping.  There is a possibility that if the depth of penetration of the needles was so superficial that the energy was delivered to the epidermis itself, that you could see this fine stippling.  RF energy always needs to be delivered to the dermal layer and not the epidermal layer to cause collagen rebuild and replacement.  I think you should ultimately recover from this as skin remodeling takes a couple of months to full completion.  Make sure you are using an eye cream with epidermal growth factors to support healthy recovery.  

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What is seen is not from the Infini. Infini is microneedles and wouldn't leave linear marks

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I would really question what you were treated with.  The Infini wouldn't leave these types of marks.  It rarely will leave a temporary grid on the skin that looks like dots but not lines.  There are doctors buying knock off machines from China that are not FDA approved and telling patients that they are Infini or Fractora when they are not.  There is no telling what these machines are doing to the skin.  You need to be sure that the machine being used is exactly what they tell you it is.  If in doubt, ask to see the machine and take a picture.  You can send to me if you like.  Steve Weiner, MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Destin, Florida.

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