Rhinoplasty for Pointy Nose Bridge Bump?

A few years ago, I was in a car accident that left a tiny pointy bump on the bridge of my nose. Its not very big, but it's noticeable and really interrupts the profile. I was thinking about a surgery to shave it off. Is Rhinoplasty the best option for my concern?

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Bump on nose

A rhinoplasty is an excellent choice to have a small bump removed from the dorsum of your nose. If it is small like a small bone spur that developed after your accident, it may be a very simple procedure that can be done with a closed approach.

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Rhinoplasty should give an excellent result for small dorsal bump


A small deformity can be easily improved by a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon. There are different ways to approach a small dorsal bump. If you do not want any alteration of your nasal tip, then you can have a simple closed procedure where the bump is filed down and the recovery should be quicker. If you would like some tip alteration, then that can be done at the same time with a traditional rhinoplasty procedure. Whichever path you choose, it is essential to choose someone who has significant experience in rhinoplasty because I have seen patients have problems after a supposed "simple" procedure performed in other locations. Good Luck.

Dr. Miller

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Subtle (Finesse) Rhinoplasty Best for Correction of Nasal Bump After Accident

Hi Ryan,

Yes, a subtle rhinoplasty would be the best course to correct what bothers you. A skilled and experienced rhinoplastic surgeon can shave down your bump and leave the rest of your nose alone if that is what you wish.

Make sure to choose your rhinoplastic surgeon carefully, and then have clear communication before the operation as to what you prefer, and what your surgeon can achieve. Be on the same page. It sounds as if you only need minimal change. You don't want to wake up from surgery with a completely different nose.

The other alternative that you will hear about is the placement of a temporary injectable filler agent such as Radiesse, Restylane, or Juviderm to camouflage the bump. This procedure has been called "The Non-surgical Rhinoplasty", but is temporary, and just adds a little filler to the nose.

Good luck and enjoy your smooth nasal profile.

Dr. P

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