Pointy Chin, Jaw Contouring? (photo)

I'm pretty sure my face shape is inverted triangle. I feel like my chin is too pointy, specialy when I smile and I alaways wanted more defined jaws. Which procedure would be the best for my face?

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The pointed chin

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Your chin appears pointed as there is inadequate tissue lateral (just to the side) to the center of your chin,   Without a profile photo I can't determine if your chin is over-projected but I'll assume it's not.  You have several options but I would probably start with the non-surgical injection of filler material along the margin of your jaw (mandible) bone on the side of the chin to fill out the relative depression in that area.  There are numerous materials that would be good for this (e.g. hyaluronic acids [Juvederm┬«, Restylane┬«] or longer lasting calcium hydroxylapatite [Radiesse┬«]).  If you like the results, you can move on to implants in this region.  There is a form of chin implant (e.g. Mittleman prejowl implant) that does not project the chin more than it alrealy is, while augmenting the deficiency in the side of the chin---you look like a great candidate for this procedure.  By the way, with aging this depression tends to become more pronounced, so any of the procedures can be considered as preventive as well.

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