Can Someone Point Me to Clinical Evidence That Invisalign is Better for an Open Bite?

I was recently told by an ortho that Invisalign is the best treatment for my open bite because braces are "harder to control", "could result in jaw surgery to correct bite issues caused by braces", "would move molars vertically and change the bite" and that I was a "vertical grower". FYI,I do grind my teeth & until I got my septum fixed was a mouth breather. Can anyone point me to research/articles that shows why Invisalign (or braces for that matter) would be better for my case? Thanks.

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I feel just the oposite invisalign is harer to contrl for and open bite. Braces you can control the up and down and front to back aliners dont. also if it is a boney problem then aliners wont do a thing. Braces have been used for 100 years aliners for 8. We have a lot more scientific data from braces and not from alineers. The orthodontist after full records can give you the pros and cons for your case

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Tradition brackets and wires give orthodontists fuller control of teeth. Invisalign is usually the best for simple crowding, rotations, alignment problems. As always, it would be to your best interest to do as much research and receive second opinions before you start any dental treatment. I would highly recommend that you have a plan set up for the broken upper left central incisor tooth with your regular general dentist before setting on any orthodontic treatment. Good luck.

Richard Shin, DDS MS
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Brackets and wires are great for open bites

Well.... No. Perhaps your case is unique, but my experience has been the opposite with open bites.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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