What Should I Do at This Point, Could It Be CC, what Sort of Bra Should I Be Wearing and Sleep In, Can I Manipulate It?

I had 475CC Natrelle style 20 under muscle. I am 5'5'' wgt 140. I breast fed 3 kids. I am 6 wks po. The other night after working out I noticed a ripple or knuckle under the skin by my right nipple, lower rs of the nipple. It is not showing now but when it moves around you can see a little bit poking up by the edge of my nipple and the nipple is flatter than the left. I saw my ps, he said I might just have thin skin to wait and see what happens if it gets worse he would have to do a fat graft.

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Next step after bresat implant

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From your description, you may be feeling the shell of the implant.  You may not have much coverage (breast tissue and muscle) over your implant.  If you are indeed feeling you implant, it will not improve much with time.  However, your plastic surgeon who has examined you knows your body.  I would follow his recommendation.  You can also obtain a second opinion by board-certified plastic surgeon.

Breast Implants

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Posting a picture would be helpful.  Your plastic surgeon is the best person to assess your implants/issues.  If you do not trust their assessment, then get a second opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.  Your description could represent many possible issues/problems.


Question About a Ripple or Knuckle

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At 6 weeks post op, the breast tissue near the nipple should be thickest, and hopefully there should be muscle below that too; it would be unusual at this point to have such thin tissue to be able to feel the implant.

If this is knuckling of the implant shell, it usually doesn't get better, unless the knuckle 'resolves' itself, an unlikely scenario.  In general, the destructive nature of knuckling usually makes the tissue thinner with time, and therefore the knuckle will be more palpable. 

Without a physical exam, cc is impossible to diagnose. What bra you wear will have little impact on this problem, nor will manual manipulation.

If your surgeon wants to wait past 3 months, you might want to get a second opinion.

Best of luck.

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Patience and time. It is too early to be concerned about the final shape of your breasts. It may take months for things to settle. So, follow up closely with your plastic surgeon. There is a chance that everything will improve without any intervention. Thanks for sharing your concerns. Best wishes.

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