Is Pocket Widening Leaving Implants in Place a Good Idea?

I had subglandular natrelle 360mm implants put in 9mos ago. Since healing there has been visible edging on both breasts mainly in cleavage area. My doctor tried fat grafting with no success. My breasts have no capsular contracture and are soft. My surgeon wants to re-open the implant pockets and widen them slightly so the implants can relax. I am very weary about this and am considering switching to round smooth submuscular implants instead. What do you advise? Thanks!

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Implant edge issue

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Subglandular implants tend to be more palpable especially in thin patients than those placed under the muscle( especially in the superior pole). If the issue is lower, than perhaps you need strattice for more coverage?

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Submuscular Smooth round implants

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You have made the right choice. It will help reduce the implant visibility due to more breast tissue and muscle coverage of the implants.


Good luck

Breast implants

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I think you have the right answer. Putting the implants under the muscle will help to hide what you are seeing. The question I have is why are you seeing the edge? Are you extremely thin, in which case submuscular might be better. Is the pocket extending too far toward the mid-line, and your implant is not covered by breast tissue. In this case putting them under the muscle will help, but closing the pocket off toward the mid-line to keep the implant behind the breast would work. Do you have saline, and would switching to silicone help. You need to discuss this with your surgeon.

Good luck.

Ways to Prevent Rippling in Breast Augmentation

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      Going under the muscle can camouflage the folds of an implant.  Fat grafting can work as well.  Dermal matrices are another way to combat rippling.  Silicone implants tend to ripple less than saline.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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