Pocket not big enough? 2 month post op 425 cc in left breast. (photo)

This may sound silly, but I read reviews everyday. I want to ask a Q? Does The bottom of my implant look normal? I feel like the inner edge isn't very round and kind of slant, and I've read implant abnormalities can be that the pocket wasn't created large enough n distorts the shape. Does it look that way to you all? My surgeon said he lowered that crease I'm still waiting on the dropping since I'm 2 month post op. Hope this means more lower pole fullness

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More lower pole fullness possible after 2 months

Thank you for your question and photograph. Your result looks quite nice at 2 months. You should expect that with displacement exercises and further time that the implant will descend and give you more lower pole fullness.

I do see the straightness of the medial portion of your pocket but hopefully this will improve with further dropping of the implant. If after 6 months it is still present then discuss a minor revision with your plastic surgeon.


Thank you for the photos and the implant does appear high to me relative to your nipple. Obviously you are wearing a strap in the photo and seeing both breasts without the strap and preoperative photos would also be helpful. That said keep wearing the strap and it may drop

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