Will Granuloma Have Any Adverse Health Risks?

I had a facial dent filled in with Artecol and for a few years everything was great. However, about a year ago I started to feel a lump and see redness in the area. My Dr has said I have a granuloma and has been treating it with steroid injections, but with little effect. I'm reluctant to have it surgcially removed and my Dr said if I just leave it, it shouldn't have any adverse health risks and just remain an aesthetic issue. Is this true?

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Steroids will kill the fat around this material.

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These foreign body granulomas can be associated with bacterial biofilm.  This is essentially a very low grade infection that is caused by bacterial seeding through the skin.  I often treat these situations with long term doxycycline and often surgical excision when needed.  We really don't have enough information to say if it is a health risk.

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