Can I Get my PMMA Fillers Removed?

I am a 29 yr. old female and I went to Mexico to get fillers (PMMA) 7 days ago and experience no problems whatsoever. I did not have pain or discomfort at all just swelling for about 6 days and that's it. My eyes look great, more even and not so hollow anymore, although a little dark still.

However, after reading about the dangers and long term side effects about these fillers....I am now scared to death about having done this, I would have never done this if I had read people's comments on this, but even though my experience has been great so far I want to have them removed just in case of any future dangers, I'm really scared and even though some say it's rare to develop lumps or any other side effects I don't want to risk it and just want to get them removed, can I get them removed or is it too late?? Please help??

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