Doctor Recommendation for Breast Augmentation in Bangalore

My age is 28 I always plan to take up with breast surgery, but I am scared with the complication, if it become unsuccessfull, or after 10 yrs or any point of time if I need to under go re-surgery, people also say breast surgery put to cancer.

plz advice if there is any other way of breast enlargment, or if only surgery is the option, plz help me in finding the trust worth surgon in India - bangalore, and also i do lots of smoking what would be the effect of smoking on breast enlargment.

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Stay away from none surgeries such as injections.

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Avoid undergoing non-surgical breast augmentation procedures such as injections with foreign materials.  They have proven to be problematic. Contact your national society of Plastic Surgeons and ask for a list of regional reputable plastic surgeons so that your can start your research for your best doctor.

Breast augmentation

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Smoking is a big no no.  It impacts all aspects of wound healing and increases the complication rate exponentially.

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