Post surgery left breast nipple now inverted.

I am generally happy with the results of my surgery where reduction moved me from 32FF to 32DD. I anticipated the left breast would be slightly larger as previous to surgery as it is. I am not happy with the fact that the nipple is now inverted and after the four month check told my surgeon this. We agreed to wait to see if later on this improved. It is now 9 months since my surgery and it still is inverted. What are my options for correcting this and is it common for this to happen?

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Post surgery left breast nipple now inverted.

It is not normal to have an inverted breast nipple after breast reduction procedures if there was no problem before. You should see your surgeon for advice as there are options such as use of a suction device.

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Inverted nipple after reduction

Yes, this can happen with reductions. It may be related to scar tissue.  Sometimes releasing it can help, but it may impact breast feeding..

Steven Wallach, MD
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