Odd size eyes due to uneven mimics one eyebrow higher than another- please suggest additional treatment options? (photo)

Hi, I hve uneven eyes due to asymmetrical eyebrow movement. Left brow moves independently of my right brow, this happens when I am annoyed. Right brow can't move independently. I had injections of Desport on left in my forhead. This helped, but strongest pull is not on my forhead but from a muscle 5cm above my temple. What can I do? Get more Desport/ Botox in the region or facial exercise to get my other eyebrow moving (some electrical device?) Or is there surgery that I can look in to.

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Uneven eyebrows from asymmetric muscle movement

This is all dependant on in person evaluation and observation of the muscle movement. Many patients have different movements in the 2 sides of the forehead. At rest, the brows are fairly symmetric though. Perfection is not always possible. Careful putting too much Dysport in because the brows at rest might get changed.  Surgery can only change resting position and not exact - don't recommend. Stimulators might strengthen the weaker side. In my experience, this is not anything you can correct on your own and is frequently found throughout the family traits.

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