How to maintain reconstructed nipples projection with modified Fleur de Lis technique in breast reconstruction with implants?

Hi! I had nipples reconstructed with modified Fleur de Lis flap from implants reconstructed breasts 2 months ago. I've been protecting them 7/24h. Please,1) How long do I have to wait to see the final projection of nipples? 2)Do all patients experience the same patients reduction of nipples projection? How much do they shrink? 3) How long do I have to keep protecting nipples?4)What else could be done to help maintain nipples projection? (mousterizing nipples skin, or anything else?) Many thanks,

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Nipple projection

Nipple projection after reconstruction will vary and will likely shorten a bit with time as the swelling subsides. I often make them a bit larger than I want as the final result to take into account shrinkage.

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