Is my nose damaged?

A couple months ago I got punched in my face right on my nose. It swelled up and a little blood came out but not a lot (since I had my nose cauterized). I had gone to my doctor and they said it went back into place by itself and it was not broken, but now I can bend my nose all the way to the side so it can be pushed flat to my cheek and it will sometimes still swell up and hurt. So is my columella damaged or something? Is this normal?

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Trauma to the nose

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 Trauma to the nose can cause a displaced, or a non-displaced nasal bone fracture. The upper lateral cartilages in the midportion of the nose can also become fractured off of the nasal bones. The tip of the nose can also become twisted from trauma as well. A deviated septum can be the result of a fracture on the inside of the nose known as a septal/ nasal fracture. A thorough examination of the internal and external portion of the nose by a double board-certified ENT/ facial plastic surgeon is important to evaluate the extent of the trauma and document it.

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