How Would You Plump Up Your Forehead Naturally?

I'm a lean young female, don't exercise excessively, w/ low BMI. I've tried eating more to gain weight but it doesn't plump up my forehead, ONLY my lower mid face gets inflated & fat entirely. side profile: If a forehead was once 'full' w/ sufficient facial fat to create a curved forehead the 's' shape for girls&now is 'flat'looking. to restore it w/o using synthetic injections? to create a 'full' forehead if there's no body fat? 3. best options? 4. What about PRP, will it work?

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Forehead augmentation

in general you can achieve these things with fat transfer, Sculptra therapy, or PRP or even a combination of these things. If you're very lean you may not have much fat to transfer. Therefore Sculptra may be a good option for you. You ask what the best option is and it really depends on your anatomy and what someone finds during your in person consultation with a physical exam. Any of these things can be performed under local anesthesia with relative ease. You still want an experienced board-certified facial plastic surgeon to perform this procedure and you can expect much more downtime with fat transfer than you would from PRP or Sculptra.

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