Do I have a double bubble? (Photo)

It's been 12 days since my surgery. My PS is out of state, 12 hours away. I have sent him pictures and he thinks my muscle and skin is just really tight. The incision site is really raised and hard. It seems as though it is pushing up the breast implant in my left boob. Will this go away with time or am I looking at a possible revision? Also, is there anything that I can do to help this? Thank you so much for your time and opinion!

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Do I have a double bubble?

Yes it appears you have a double bubble. You are early in the post operative healing stages so this may settle with time. Please see your surgeon for further advice. 

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Double Bubble


Thank you for your question. 

It does appear that you may have a double bubble. I'd recommend booking a follow-up with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for an assessment. 

All the best. 

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Double bubble

You do appear to have a double bubble. I would wait a minimum of 3 months to see what happens, but you may need a revision.
Good luck,

Greg Sexton, M.D.
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Gregory Sexton, MD
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Do I have a double bubble?

Unfortunatley judging by the photo it does appear that you have a "double bubble".  It appears in the photo like it is on the right side but in any case you should see your plastic surgeon in person reading correction.  Best of luck.

Ralph R. Garramone, MD
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Do I have a double bubble?

You do have a double bubble worse on the right than the left, and it occurred because your surgeon tried to lower your fold to accommodate a relatively large implant when you already had some breast sag prior to surgery. With time it may improve, but it is unlikely to fully resolve and so revisional surgery will probably be necessary although it is best to let things settle for a full six months. Sometimes a minor crease can be improved with an in office fat grafting procedure, but most often the implant pocket needs to be revised to lift the position of the implant. You may have asymmetric folds prior to surgery accounting for the differences between the two breasts. I would continue to communicate with your surgeon, and given the long distance, you  might consider a closer surgeon if you feel you need a second opinion.

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Do I have a double bubble?

Thank you for your question and series of photographs. Unfortunately it does appear that you have a degree of bottoming out of your implants, the right side worse than the left.  I would recommend voicing your concerns to your surgeon, as a revision to repair the lower breast pocket will likely be needed.  

Nelson Castillo, MD
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No surgery yet.

I agree with several of my colleagues, but if you feel a second opinion in person is warranted, some of the above interventions can be started. I agree that a bandeau and Accolade or Singular might be helpful. This should be done under the supervision of your plastic surgeon or an experienced plastic surgeon closer to your home. 

I would not recommend surgery any time soon. Sometimes time will correct this. Be patient. Best of luck to you. 

Ram Kalus, MD
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Significant contour deformity after breast augmentation.

You have a significant deformity that will likely need surgical correction.  For now you should be in a bandeau bra that has a strap that provides constant pressure on the breast upper pole.  I would also recommend a specific anti-inflammatory called Accolate to keep the capsule from shrinking.

You should wait no less than 2 months before considering a revision.

Daniel Greenwald, MD
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Double bubble

Unfortunately, you do have bilateral double deformities (worse on the right).  This may get slightly better with time, but you will need surgical revision to fully correct the problem.  The internal pockets will need to be modified with internal sutures and possibly Strattice or similar material.  I would recommend you wait at least 3 months before considering a revision.  Discuss your options with your PS.  It can be fixed, but make sure that whoever does your next surgery has experience with this type of problem.

Victor Ferrari, MD, FACS
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Lateral Displacement / Double Bubble / Internal Bra Repair

Good evening!

You do have a significant double bubble, and also lateral displacement of your implants. The correct repair is the Internal Bra, my strong permanent internal suturing technique which corrects your lateral displacement, as well as a capsulotomy to release the double bubble. This is the most common type of revision I perform, 5-6 times a week- it works and it lasts!

I have attached a link to my Internal Bra / Breast Augmentation Revision photo gallery for your review- hope it helps!

Donald R. Revis Jr, MD
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon
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