Please, Give Any Do and Don'ts to Make Recovery Process As Effective As Possible?

Hey, I just made my eyelid surgery through incision. My doctor didn't give me proper instructions over my healing process. Can someone give me any advices? I wonder is it better to sit rather than lay to minimize swallowing? Is it important to keep eyes open or shut for scars formation? Do I need to put cold compress constantly? Does some facial expressions (while eat) can damage my scars? I hope it's normal to feel my eyes are tearing up and my vision is dropped ?

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Recovery after eyelid surgery

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     It would be helpful to know if you had upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both.  However, cold compresses for 10 minutes at a time can be used in the first three days to reduce swelling and bruising.  Realize that you may be numb in these areas and that the cold substance should never be placed directly on the skin to avoid frostbite.  Facial movement is unavoidable, and I would not worry about that. 

     It would also be helpful to know if you had the procedure three hours ago or three days ago.  Tearing is normal and is an appropriate physiological response.  A change in vision may be just due to lubrication during the surgery or swelling.  If your vision is truly dropping and you have eye pain and your eye is swelling a lot, you need to call your doctor NOW.

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