I Am Not Pleased with my Facial Appearence, Help Would Be Appreciated. (photo)

I am 19 and of african descent.Since I stared puberty have had problems with my appearence. My nose is wide, with large nostrils and no bridge. I have a fat face when all I desire are cheek bones with a well defined jawline. My lips are huge, I cannot even find a lipstick that suits me and last, I have a small chin. My face is the one part of me that I feel isn't me and I dislike. I am definitely getting surgery but I need help as to what is realistic and what needs work. Thank you.

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Rhinoplasty Surgery with Alar reduction and Chin Augmentation

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You need a good evaluation by an experienced surgeon. IMHO from your photographs you would have excellent results with a Rhinoplasty with alar reduction (reduction of the nostrils) and Chin Augmentation to provide proper aesthetic alignment of your features. One of the most important factors in Rhinoplasty surgery is understanding the facial anatomy and what will be best to bring your features into balance. This will soften your appearance and feminize your features providing you a higher level comfort with your appearance. I spent some lovely time in your South Africa as they wanted me to open a clinic in Knysna (sp?) however it was to much travel. Find a good qualified surgeon in your area and discuss your concerns and you will be on your way to your more desired appearance. Best regards!

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