Please I Need Your Help About Scar Tissue Treatment After Vaser On Abdomen? (photo)

Hello I had vaser 3rd from 6 month for Abdominal the result wasnt that good . i remained swelling for around 4 months then i noticed swelling in the middle of Abdominal which i think its scare tissue my dr gave me 2 injection of diprofos which wouldn't help much .. ! please i need your help shall i redo the surgery or there is away to get rid from scare tissue under the abdominal ?? thanks

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The picture you have posted you really can’t see scar tissue. You have a few different options when it comes to scar tissue. You can get deep tissue message and or you can re do the Vaser Lipo. Swelling does last up 1 year after surgery and wearing your compression garment should help as well. You should see the surgeon that did the procedure to advise you on your options.


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