Please, Wait Time Between Diagnosis of Melanoma and Surgury?

clipping on 11th of month diagnosis of melanoma on head hairline fingernail size, Mohs surgery scheduled 4th of following month. Too long?

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Mohs Surgery Wait Time

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I would be more comfortable with an actual melanoma being excised sooner than four months, closer to within one month of diagnosis.

Diagnosed with melanoma, when should surgery occur

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Less than a month in between diagnosis and procedure is acceptable. The site will not change noticeably during that timeframe. Please make sure that after your procedure you continue to see your doctor regularly for full body skin exams. Unfortunately when someone is diagnosed with a skin cancer of any kind the likelihood that they will have more throughout their lifetime is fairly high. It doesn't mean you will get more melanoma, but it's important to make sure you are seen at least every 6 months to have all areas examined and evaluated.

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