Please Could You Make Any Suggestions in Regards to my Right Eyelid Ptosis Becoming Worse Following Corrective Surgery? (photo)

On 1 June 2012 I had a surgery to correct my right eyelid Ptosis which I have had since birth. 3 weeks laterat my first appointment with the surgeon, I was told that further surgery would be required as the surgery was unsuccessful as the eyelid is lower than before. I have been told that revision surgery will take 3-4 months to b arranged. I don't feel comfortable to go out into the public and have lost my job as a result of my absence. I no longer have a social life and it is very frustrating.

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Unfortunately, what you're experiencing can happen. I'm sure you're surgeon has a reason for waiting 3-4 months. I generally wait until enough swelling has resolved so I can more accurately adjust the muscle without being affected by existing swelling. This can take a few months. You may want to discuss with your surgeon the option of having the procedure done sooner if swelling has resolved enough to do the work.

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