Is Massage After Tummy Tuck Okay?

Is it possible to massage the tummy after surgery? By a professional? aka my daughter..hehehe.

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Massage After Tummy Tuck- Focus on Lymphatic Massage

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Massage around your tummy tuck to improve lymphatic drainage may help you.  You can direct your massesue/ daughter to focus on the areas that will help in those areas.


Direct massage to your tummy tuck area may also help to reduce swelling, but will probably hurt a lot, especially right after your procedure.  I would recommend doing this under the direction of your plastic surgeon, and only if you have a very high pain tolerance level. 

Best of luck to you!



San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Massage after tummy tuck

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It should be okay after about a month or so, but you should definitely ask your surgeon for their advice. 

Massage is okay after 3-4 weeks.

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Massage of the abdomen following tummy tuck is okay once approved by your surgeon. Early on, you want the abdominal skin/fat to adhere to the abdominal wall, so shearing forces (ie massage) can lead to seromas or fluid collections. However, once the scarring has set in, massage should be okay. This initial wait is about 3-4 weeks.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Massage post tummy tuck

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It depends on when you want to massage if you are 3 weeks or more post op and want to get a massage I think that is fine.

Massage after surgery

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While massage may not be comfortable for the first few days to week after surgery, I always encourage it in my patients.  Massage can help increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage.  


Good Luck with your recovery.

Massage after tummy tuck?

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The most important determining factor when deciding to begin massage will be you! Most plastic surgeon will allow you to begin massage within 3-4 weeks after your surgery, but you still may note soreness with pressure that might have you wait a while longer. Sooner than 3 weeks after surgery, you would need to discuss it with your surgeon.

Massage after Tummy Tuck

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Light massage can be beneficial after a tummy tuck, especially when your therapist is experienced with lymphatic drainage.

Let discomfort be your guide.

Massage after tummy tuck

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I usually have my patients start gentle massage about 3 weeks post tummy tuck.  By this time it is unlikely that the wounds would be disturbed or that bleeding would be a problem.  Discuss this with your surgeon to ensure that your situation has no contraindications.   Donald  R. Nunn MD Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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