Please Tell Me Whats Wrong 3 Weeks Post Op Breast Implants? (photo)

im so scared i dont have any pre op pictures but i have several post op pictures. one breast looks way bigger then the other and feels a lot softer and looks a lot more natural the other one on the other hand is stiff has no pain but its hard as a rock & the nipple healed quicker i dont understand. im so scared.

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Breast asymmetry after surgery may be related to asymmetry before surgery

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It would be very helpful to have your pre-surgical pictures.  It is very possible that you had two different breasts to begin with that were simply enlarged but the asymmetry was not addressed.  I suspect that your right side was more saggy then the left before surgery, and now your implant on the right side is sitting within the sagging breasts, while the left was tighter and now it holds the implant higher up.

Talk to your plastic surgeon, review your pre pictures and discuss your options (lift on the right side?)


Asymmetry after breast augmentation.

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Asymmetry happens for 2 reasons: Either you were asymmetric before augmentation or the procedure performed created the asymmetry (complication, differential healing times, etc.). Most women have a degree of asymmetry prior to surgery. Breast implants accentuate asymmetry! The larger the implants, the more obvious the asymmetry. Corrective actions during the augmentation may help (different sized implants, lift procedures), but often times revision is necessary. At 3 weeks the breasts still have a long way to go before the healing, swelling, implant position, and soft tissue relaxation finalize. Best advice in the early postoperative time period is to follow your surgeons instructions and be patient. If the asymmetry persists after 3-6 months, then corrective procedures may be entertained.

David Bogue, MD
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This be caused by natural asymmetry that may have existed before surgery, a problem with implant sizing, or asymmetric healing rates. One side might be healing faster than the other, which is common. However, just in case, I would suggest you see your surgeon.

Breast assymetry

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From your photo there seems to be difference in the size of your nipples.since you are 3 weeks post op and one is hard you may have had some bleeding into the side that is hard.To get a hard capsule this early is unusual but it can be corrected.

Breast asymmetry

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Without knowing more of a history, and seeing pre-op photos it is very ahrd to comment. You should give it more time to settle a bit being that it is only 3 weeks or so from your surgery.

Please Tell Me Whats Wrong 3 Weeks Post Op Breast Implants?

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The posted photo shows an attempt at correction of breast asymmetry and ptosis in one operation. The result is either you needed 2 to 3 operations due to the degree of difference between your breasts and you did not mention the discussions with the doctor pre operatively. You also did not mention you where very asymmetric. In my practice I try to inform this asymmetry of the breasts that it can take many operations NOT just one to achieve a symmetrical look. Please find before photos to post and consider stage two operation in a few months. 

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