I Don't Think I'm Getting the Results I Should Be? (photo)

I'm currently getting laser hair removal on my bikini and legs. I've had three treatments so far and I'm not really seeing the results I want. The first two-three weeks after I get the treatment I notice a big difference. But right around the forth week my hair is just as bad as it was before any of my treatments. I've read online that you're supposed to "shed" 10-14 days after the treatment, but I've never experienced this before. I'm just disappointed at this point. Please help!

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Laser Hair treatment and intervals vary

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You should consult a board certified experienced dermatologist to find out if the appropriate settings and intervals were performed.  You should see a bigger difference after the fourth time.  I have done my own bikini and legs and was practically completed by this time.  I hope this helps!

It's important to follow treatment timelines for hair growth

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For the legs, treatments should not be done any closer than 3-4 MONTHS, as that's how long it takes for a hair growth cycle. For the bikini, it's about 2 months. If you're going in more frequently than that, you're treating the exact same hairs, in the same cycle of growth. Thus, you'd see no changes.

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