BA About 2 Weeks Ago, Squishy Almost Bubble on Left Side of Breast That is Sore?

I had my ba done almost 2 weeks ago. I got 525 mod+ silicone. I have a small frame, started 32a..5'8 125. I have this squishy almost bubbly on the side of my left breast. Almost looks ripply if that makes sense? There's more bruising on my left. At my 1 wk post op I asked about it and my ps said it was the implant and it would go away. Well, it's sore in that one spot and I'm just super worried. I'm 2,000 miles away from my ps and I just would like to know if I should be worried. thank u!!!! :)

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BA About 2 Weeks Ago

Without at least a photo it is hard to guess what this might be. Nothing in your description sounds particularly alarming, but what this is will not likely be resolved on line. Communicating with your surgeon may be helpful, but I would urge and in person exam for evaluation. All the best. 

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Squishy Bubble after Breast Augmentation?

The pain/soreness is not worrisome.  The 'squishy' bubble feeling may be the implant, may be rotation, may be a fluid collection, may be a pocket of blood (hematoma).  It is impossible to know without a good physical exam.  I recommend visiting a board certified plastic surgeon to assess.

Best Wishes!

Pablo A. Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD
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Post-operative care very important after breast implants.


It is probably nothing serious, but you most definitely need to be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Breast augmentation and issues at 2 weeks

At two weeks it can be normal to have pain. Squishy bubbly feeling maybe fluid or the implant. Hard to say without an exam.

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Breast Augmentation Worries at 2 Weeks

   The pain on the left side could be normal postoperative variant or could be due to hematoma or seroma, among other things.  If the left breast is no bigger than the right, then a fluid collection is not likely.  If then this is only the implant, the pain should resolve over a few weeks.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Concerns 2 Weeks after Breast Augmentation?

Although your anxiety is understandable and online consultants may have good intentions, meaningful advice/reassurance cannot be provided to you without direct examination. I think your best bet is to continue keeping close communication with your plastic surgeon; consider sending him/her pictures of your situation. Both his/her  knowledge of your specific case and the photographs should help you gain more specific advice then you will be able to receive online.

 If still in doubt, you may need to seek in-person consultation with a plastic surgeon in your area. Your operating plastic surgery may  be helpful in referring you to  one, if this becomes necessary.

 Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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