No Results From My Liposuction With Fat Transfer. What Are My Options? (photo)

I got a lipo on my abdomen.waist and flanks.And the fat were transfer to my buttocks approx 300cc each side. From the first moment I thought. that was not enough.Now I have 7 weeks.I feel worse because my belly is the same. and no big change from my butt.And now I lost $6000 (surgeon. massage. garment. pills. etc) I`m person with 2 kids the last kid is 9 months. and I`m 31 years old 5'6 148 pounds, I will see Dr next 07.11.12 and I need help. to negotiate re touch. but I can`t spend more $$

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Liposuction of abdomen after kids / Liposuccion del abdomen despues de embarazo

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Generally speaking I do not recommend liposuction of the abdomen if you have had kids.  There are several small exceptions to that rule.  I will lipo a tummy for a BBL if the patient will get a tummy tuck later. But otherwise there is very higher risk of an adverse cosmetic outcome So in your case you will most likely need a tummy tuck to get the results you want.


Good luck and thank you for your question.



Anire Okpaku MD

Generalmente hablando yo no recomiendo liposuccion del abdomen despues del embarazo. Hay muy pocas excepciones a esta regla. Yo haria lipo del abdomen con transferencia de grasa solamente si la paciente fuera someterse a una abdominoplastia mas tarde. De lo contrario hay un riesgo muy grande de tener el resultado opuesto, por lo tanto en su caso yo pienso que la abdominoplastia le puede dar el resultado que usted desea.


Suerte y gracias por su pregunta




Anire Okpaku MD



Miami Plastic Surgeon

No result from liposuction

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Judging from your photos, you may have needed a tummy tuck and not liposuction. If the musculature in the abdomen is weak, liposuction will not tighten the bulge and contribute to a significant aesthetic improvement. It is important to select a board certified plastic surgeon who will recommend the right operation and not simply do the one you request. I think that more than a touchup is involved here. Best of luck.


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Chosing the right experienced, Board Certified (American Board of Plastic Surgery) is the most important decision you will make to achieve the results you desire. A board certified plastic surgeon assures you that the surgeon is well trained, have passed the standards to perform all aspect of plastic and cosmetic surgery as well as recomstructive procedures. All thesse experiences also prepares the surgeon to correct unsatisfactory results.

Make sure your surgeon is board certified plastic surgeon, and can achieve the results of the revision surgery. Revision of bad liposuction results, and or bad choice of surgical procedure is very difficult.

Patinets should think of the need of revision surgery and the cost, who is responsible for what before surgery is done. Patients should not spend the last penny saved on elective surgery in anticipation of emergency need of funds and that include further surgery.

If your surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon nad you have developed confidence then have a calm non-confrontational discussion regarding the results and how to achieve the best results and what is the best procedure needed, and if he/she can help since your funds are limited. You still may have to pay for the annesthesia and the facility.


Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Choose Your Plastic Surgeon Wisely

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Liposuction of the abdomen after multiple pregnancies rarely gives you a great result.  Based on your photographs, you would have done better with a tummy tuck to correct your abdominal bulge.  As far as fat grafting to your buttocks, 300 ccs to each side may or may not have been enough to give you an improvement depending on what your buttocks looked like in the first place.  However, based on your height and weight, I would normally have grafted more fat to accomplish a Brazilian butt lift. 

When you see your plastic surgeon, be sure to discuss your concerns with him or her.  In my practice, I do not charge for a touch up on fat grafting and the only cost to the patient is the anesthesiologist. 

300 cc per Buttock and No Change

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  First, one would have to determine the amount of fat liposuctioned.  Second, 300 cc per buttock will likely be a very small change at best.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Abdominoplasty vs. liposuction

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You feel worse because your belly is the same and there was no big change in your buttocks after liposuction of the abdomen, waist and flanks and fat injection into the buttocks. Without before surgery pictures it is impossible to know if any of your expectations related to the surgery were realistic I suspect they were not. Either your surgeon did not explain things or you did not understand them. If you could not afford the surgery you needed and chose a lower cost alternative you will have to live with the consequences. Liposuction alone is cheaper than a tummy tuck but each serves 2 different purposes. You can't expect to get tummy tuck results from liposuction alone. There is nothing wrong with just getting liposuction if you do not want the scar associated with a tummy tuck or cannot afford one but you will have to live with that result. The above looking down and frontal photos show excess abdominal skin and currently the only reliable to get rid of that is a tummy tuck. It is reasonable to not have to pay for surgery to touch up the liposuction but it is unreasonable to expect a tummy tuck to be performed/priced as a touch up. If english is not your primary language and your surgeon only speaks english you need to have a reliable translator present when you converse with your surgeon in order to avoid additional misunderstandings.

My response to your question/post does not represent formal medical advice or constitute a doctor patient relationship. You need to consult with i.e. personally see a board certified plastic surgeon in order to receive a formal evaluation and develop a doctor patient relationship.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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