7 Months Post-Op BBL, Left Cheek is Larger and Right Cheek has a Hard Lump, What Should I Do?

7months ago I had a bbl done and my left cheek is bigger than my right and there is a hard lump inside. What can I do? I'm unhappy and I paid $8300.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Complication

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No surgery is free of complication, those unpleasant potential events that can happen but are nor foreseeable. Miami has great Plastic surgeons and I hope your BBL was done by one of them. You MAY have had loss of fat in the right buttock or even death of the fat (fat necrosis) which occasionally p[resents as a hard mass. The best thing to do is allow the (hopefully) experienced surgeon who perform the operation get you over this condition. after all, many non-Plastic surgeons can do some of the operations that trained Plastic surgeons do but very few can manage and resolve some of these complications. Let him help you.

Good Luck.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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